Tamis Products

We have been working with a team of experts for over 33 years to produce high quality, high performance and long lasting sanders. With all our expertise, we are aware of your priorities, needs and requirements.

The machines produced by Tamis can be revised according to the customer's request. Requirements such as expanding the working area, processing large parts and having a long working life by making changes in the band sizes are provided according to the customer's request. The machines also offer occupational safety to the user with appropriate protection sheets.

Our machines are used in in sectors such as casting, aerospace, shock absorber, furniture, decoration manufacturing, sanding of metal and wooden surfaces, deburring, piping, metal cutting, metal cleaning and polishing, wood sanding, wood and knife sharpening, blacksmithing, repairing, etc. It takes its place in almost every manufacturing sector, from big factories to smaller.

We continue our products sales,after-sales service and technical support services by always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

 Discover our machines that fit your needs!



Metal and Wood Surface Sanding - Grinding Machines

Tupe and Sheet Bar Flat Surface Grinding Machines 

Wood and Wooden Surface Sanding Grinding Machines - Grinding Machine with Brush 



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