Metal Tube Grinding Machines

Tamis is Tupe Grinding Machine and Industrial Polishing Machine Manufacturer

Finest surfaces with a perfect finish, developed for your purpose! For the surface finishing and grinding of materials for tubes,rectangular tubes and flat components!

Our machinery is designed to be user-friendly so that you can complete your work much more quickly and effortlessly. It is constructed with the highest-quality materials possible to be strong and long-lasting, allowing continuous productivity. We also provide polishing machinery  in addition to sanding and grinding machinery for the finishing touches.

Discover the metal tube grinding, sanding, and polishing machines that you can rely to produce accurate results! 

Our Tupe and Sheet Flat Surface Grinding Machines Production|TAMIS MACHINERY

For a range of uses and materials, TAMIS provides metal tube surface grinding and sanding machines, manual rotational polishing machines, two-station shaft polishing machines, polishing motors, and polishing-satinating machines. Everything was designed and manufactured in TAMIS, Turkey. Our machinery is designed to handle continuous industrial operations.

Pipe sanding machines can be made in desired diameter, size and length in line with customer needs. At the same time, our machines for flat surfaces can be produced according to the desired thickness and length.These durable sanding and polishing machines can process a variety of materials including soft metal, plastic, wood, glass and hard steel etc.

Cylinder and pipe sanding machines can be manufactured according to demand.Number of stations,exterior protection,color,automation etc.Many more changes can be made.

Optionally, inverter (speed control device), automatic infeeder and outfeeder can be added. Carrier conveyors can be built inside and outside the machine, as well as a protective covering can be added to prevent clothes, etc. from snagging on rotating parts within the scope of work safety.

TAMIS Machinery help you achieve the ideal finish and brightness without sacrificing quality for cost.

Discover our Metal Tube Surface Sanding Machine, Metal Flat Surface Sanding Machine, Polishing Machines and Towel Board Surface Processing Machines


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