Flat Surface Grinding  Machine


Discover our flat surface grinding machines  that you can trust to get accurate and quality results!

Our long-lasting, user-friendly, high-quality flat surface processing machines have been designed and produced for you by an expert staff, with over 33 years of experience and knowledge, in line with customer requests and needs.

Our machines are designed to be user-friendly so that you can complete your work much faster and effortlessly. It is produced with high quality materials to be strong and long lasting and to ensure continuous production.


Our Flat Surface Grinding Machine Production

Our machines are designed to run long-term industrial operations. Our machines for flat surfaces are produced according to the desired thickness and length. These long-lasting sanding machines can process a variety of materials, including soft metal, plastic, wood, glass and hard steel.

The number of stations can be increased because to obtain a better surface, an inverter (speed control device) can be added, and it can be supported by automation in order to upon request. Optionally, automatic infeeder and outfeeder conveyors and storage stands can be added.

Within the scope of work safety, protective coverings can be made so that clothes, etc., are not caught on the rotating parts, and dyeing can be done according to the desired color code.


Application : 

  • box profiles
  • shelf profiles
  • llamas
  • any material requiring flat surface treatment, such as cold and hot drawn square and rectangular materials
  • Processing can be achieved by making connection molds for materials whose flat surfaces of different shapes will be processed (hinges, spirit levels, lock mechanisms, etc.)


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