For 33 years, we have been producing sanding, polishing and towel warmer surface treatment machines in line with customer requests, with an expert staff, experience and knowledge.

The towel warmers we produce are machines that polish in one go with variable speed and variable stroke length with flow and pressure control, variable length towel warmers with flat and curved d-profile surfaces.

Our machines are designed to be user-friendly so that you can complete your work much faster and effortlessly. It is produced with high quality materials to be strong and long lasting and to ensure continuous production.

The towel warmer surface treatment machines we produce are designed to be able to process the desired size, width and angled towel warmers with adjustable systems. The mop sanding units on the machine can be increased or decreased according to needs and requests. At the same time, pneumatic pressures reduce the workpiece throwing to zero and the added safety cover provide work safety to the user. 

Special filtration papers can be added to the boron oil tanks, optionally, in order to ensure the longevity of the boron oil-cooling fluid, and special magnetic separators can be added to collect sawdust.


With PLC programming, operations can be tracked and saved on the screen.

Production for cosmetics is at the forefront of towel warmers. By using mop sandpaper, you can achieve the same quality in the last piece as in the first piece. Our machines are designed for continuous industrial operations.


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