Tube Grinding Machine 5 Station TBZ5

Tube Grinding Machine 5 Station TBZ5

Technical Specifications

Width : 8125 mm
Height : 2125 mm
Depth : 3125 mm
Belt Sander Sizes : 2000x100 mm
Motor Power : 3 kW
Motor Speed : 3000 PRM
Voltage : 380 V
Pipe Handling Range : Ø8 - Ø60 mm
Min Processing Length : 500 mm


Inverter(Speed Controller) : Available
Safety Cover : Available

Tube Grinding Machine TBZ5 | Tamis Machinery

TBZ5 is a machine produced for pipe sanding consisting of four belt sanding units.

Our machines are designed to carry out long-term industrial operations, suitable for long working processes.

TBZ5 can be revised according to the desired diameters in line with customer needs, conveyors can be made according to dimensions and lengths. TBZ5 has manual automatic  infeeder and outfeeder. It can be produced by including automatic infeeder and outfeeder according to customer request.

These long-lasting sanding and polishing machines can process a variety of materials, including soft metal, plastic, wood, glass and hard steel.

If a better surface is desired, it is recommended to have as many stations as possible additions and subtractions can be made in the design according to the customer's request. Many changes can be made such as the number of stations, exterior protection, color, automation, etc.

Optional inverter (speed controller) can be added. 

Optionally, a waste boron oil tank can be added, sawdust collector magnetic separators can be added, or filtration fabrics can be added to the design upon request.

 Carrier conveyors can be built inside and outside the machine, as well as a protective covering to prevent items such as clothes from being attached to rotating parts within the scope of occupational safety.

With its special manufacture, Tamis Machine helps you to get the perfect finish and brightness without compromising quality for cost.



In sectors such as casting, aerospace, shock absorber, furniture, decoration manufacturing, sanding of metal and wooden surfaces, deburring, piping, metal cutting, metal cleaning and polishing, wood sanding, wood and knife sharpening, blacksmithing, repairing, etc. It takes its place in almost every manufacturing sector, from big factories to smaller.


FAQ Tube Grinding Machine 5 Station TBZ5

You can order by sending an e-mail to or or by contacting us at +90232 223 782 56.
Yes, only the working area of ​​our machine is open. Optional safety covering is available.
Yes, Tamis Machinery provides spare parts; our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, provides technical support to the customers before and after sales.

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