TAMIS Machinery provides metal tube surface grinding machines to almost every sector. Our machines are designed to carry out long-term industrial operations. Tube grinding machines can be arranged to process materials of desired diameter, size and length in line with customer needs. Thanks to these machines, various materials including metal, plastic, wood, glass and hard steel can be easily processed.

The number of stations can be increased because to obtain a better surface, an inverter (speed control device) can be added, and it can be supported by automation in order to upon request. Optionally, automatic infeeder and outfeeder conveyors and storage stands can be added.

Within the scope of work safety, protective coverings can be made so that clothes, etc., are not caught on the rotating parts, and dyeing can be done according to the desired color code.


With TAMİS Machinery, you will be best at processes such as stainless steel tube polishing, steel surface augmentations, scale removal, tolerance improvement, hard polishing finishing, bearing ratio improvement on hydraulic components, surface flaw removal, cleaning and deburring.


Axle, shaft, bar, tube, cylinder, drum, piston, pins, rack, pinion shaft, decorative tubes, hydraulic cylinder and bars, paper core, carbon fiber tube, composite etc.

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