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TAMİS Machinery offers manual rotary polishing machines, two-station shaft polishing machines, polishing motor and polishing-satination machines for a variety of applications and materials. All designed and produced at facility of Tamis, Turkey. Our machines are designed for continuous industrial operations.

These durable polishing machines are designed to last long and can handle a variety of materials – from soft aluminum to hard steel. TAMIS's polishing machines offer superior performance without compromising on your budget and help you to achieve the perfect finish and brightness.

As one of the world's best polishing machine manufacturers, TAMIS also provides polishing engines that you can use with various Polishing heads besides high-quality sander and polisher machines.

If you are looking for reliable sander and polisher solutions for industrial applications, TAMIS’s professional-grade polishing machines are exactly what you need.


Our Polishing Machine Production

In polishing machines, all kinds of materials are polished with different types and sizes of polishing felts applied with a special liquid. Especially brushing, polishing and finishing of all kinds of metal materials can be done in these polishing machines.

Our polishing machines can be manufactured according to demand.Number of stations,exterior protection,color,automation etc. many more changes can be made.

Optionally, inverter (speed control device), automatic infeeder and outfeeder can be added.for the processing of irregularly shaped, curved and profiled workpieces, rotary table systems, tailstock-chuck systems can be installed Carrier conveyors can be built inside and outside the machine, as well as a protective covering can be added to prevent clothes, etc. from snagging on rotating parts within the scope of work safety.



Lighting, heating-resistance, submersible pump-motor manufacturing sector, any material workpiece can be processed from door handle to shock absorber.

In sectors such as casting, aerospace, shock absorber, furniture, decoration manufacturing, polishing of metal and wooden surfaces, blacksmithing, repairing, etc. It takes its place in almost every manufacturing sector, from big factories to smaller.

If you are looking for reliable polishing solutions for industrial applications, check out our range of professional quality polishers;


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